Financial information

Funding of the Park

The founder of the Park for the Preservation of Fauna and Flora of the Technical University of Crete, Professor Yannis Phillis, secured the support and partial funding of the Park from the Pancretan Association of America through the Pancretan Endowment Fund which is set up to support programs of the Universities of Crete. The Pancretan Endowment Fund and other donors have contributed more than €160,000 since 1995. However, the largest share of funding belongs to the Technical University of Crete.


  • Great Contributors: Pancretan Endowment Fund (since 1995).
  • Contributors: Club of Liberals (2002).
  • Donors: Papadogiorgakis Gregoris (1996), Bank of Greece (1997), Βarbara Abrams (2002), Costas Stamis (2002), Velivasakis Manolis (2003).

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