1. Guide for the pdf ™ files

Various documents that can be downloaded from this site will be provided in a form known as "pdf file". A file of this kind normally opens with Acrobat Reader®, a free programme distributed by Adobe®. This file format is quite common and 99% the only thing you have to do in order to open such a file is just to click on it (or right-click and select "save as... to save a copy on your local disk -in other words: to download it).

Is there any kind of problem?
In case of missing this quite standard programme (or in case you have an extremely old version of it, say version 4 or less) you should re-install or install a newer version locally.

How to install a new version of Acrobat Reader®?
Click here for a new window (this is the Adobe® official page for the distribution of their Reader. Perform the simple steps, download the executable setup programme (1 single file that you have to choose depending on your operating system) and install it. Then return to the links and enjoy the reading of pdf files on any site, from now on.

2. Guide for viewing the 3D virtual models (VRML)

You need a plugin (a special small programme that programmatically expands your browser) in order to be able to interact with a 3D model through your browser. This is a one-time installation.

Check by clicking on this page (opens a new window on an official VRML checking portal). This way you will be informed about the capability of your browser to "see" VRML files of 3D content and interact with them.

If there is no plugin installed, by all means please install one. The same page provides various links for a number of different products (all do the same job: enables your browser to open and interact with VRML type of files). We strongly suggest the Blaxxun Contact® plugin here, or maybe by contacting straight to this address of the Blaxxun® company official download page). Then reload your 3D content page and enjoy the freedom of the third dimension.