Welcome to the Park

The Park for the Preservation of Flora & Fauna welcomes you

At a time that living organisms are disappearing at an alarming rate, especially through habitat destruction, the Park for the Preservation of Flora and Fauna of the Technical University of Crete, which extends to 30 hectares, constitutes a small but important area where native plants and co-existing animals are protected and can develop without human intervention.

 Do you want to pay a visit? Learn about transportation, about the geomorphology of the area and check the contact or visit information in the contact page.

 Do you want to learn more about the plants? Browse our flora database and check the map of the Park.

 Do you want to know which animals live in the area? Check our information on the fauna of Akrotiri.

We thank you for this visit and we hope you will come back as an actual explorer of our Park in situ!

Pictures from our collection: